I’ve been dealing with a difficult and unique swallowing problem for the last 10 years of my adult life;  a problem that disrupted every meal and impacted my social life.  In those 10 years I received medical guidance and therapy that was of little to no benefit.  That all changed –  my life changed! – when I came to MRSHC and met Dallas.  Not only was Dallas able to evaluate and enact the most effective solution to my challenging problem, she truly listened when I expressed my emotional turmoil and what it meant to me.  To find a clinician who is both skilled and empathic is rare indeed.  Dallas returned to me a very basic quality of life I had long forgotten.  I’m eternally grateful!


We love everything about MRSHC, from the welcoming front desk staff, to the imaginative and thought provoking classrooms, to the accommodating scheduling.  Courtney is such a kind, patient and caring therapist!  She has helped our toddler go from speaking just 30 words (at the age of 2) to non-stop talking in just a few months!  He loves coming to “play”; we love watching him blossom.

-Bobbi Jo

Your first call or/and visit starts out with the pleasure of speaking with Brenda at the front desk.  She makes you feel secure and worthy.  She always has a smile and a kind word.  First impressions mean a lot! With that, you feel confident that MRSHC will be providing your child optimal care.  The therapists seem genuine in their care for my little one.  They are available for questions, and always take time to brief me after a session. Thank You!


They are awesome people, from reception to filing insurance.  I had an issue with my sons insurance company and they were more than helpful.  They figured it out right away and helped me handle what I needed and showed me how to make sure it does not happen again.  Highly Recommend!


I have been bringing my grandson to MRSHC for over two years.  (He) has autism and has some brain damage due to a medical issue soon after he was born.  He is non-verbal and tube fed.  Jessie Treasure is (his) therapist and she is by far the best therapist he has (and he has several from other facilities;  occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, and school therapists).  She has gotten more results and made the most progress with teaching him.  Jessie has taught (him) several signs (sign language) which he uses to communicate his wants quite effectively.  He loves her, you can tell, and he always looks forward to seeing her.  She is a blessing for my grandson, and we are thankful for all of her help.  Her name is appropriate.  She truly is a “Treasure”. The front desk staff is always friendly and professional.  The office and waiting room are always clean and neat.  We enjoy our visits.  Thank you MRSHC for everything you’ve done for (us).  He wouldn’t be where he is now without you all.


Our pediatrician referred our twins to MRSHC for speech therapy.  From the first time I spoke with the front office on the phone, I was at ease about coming in for an evaluation.  We are so thankful that Ms. Rachel has openings for both of our boys.  She has the best personality and has truly been a huge part of our family’s life over the last few months.  Our boys both love coming in each week to see her.  We are starting to see real progress with their speech and can see both their hard work and Ms. Rachel’s paying off.  We love MRSHC!


(Dr. Brady) provided me with hearing aids.  My life has been much improved!  I am a non-traditional student and now I can hear the professors!  I now have a 3.44 grade point average, I am blessed!


When we first started speech my son was not speaking at all.  Now, he is picking up words so easily.  Dallas does such a great job with him even when he is having a rough day.  I love to watch my son learn and pick up on new things.  He enjoys coming to speech.  It is teaching him to share and to have interactions with others.  I am so thankful for the work that you all do with him and for all the children.


Paula is really friendly and nice.  She takes an interest in me as a patient.  They have helped me learn how to pronounce words better and help to correct my hoarseness.  I’m not completely better yet but they are working with me to help.



In the year and a half that (my son) has been in speech, he has gone from four words to hundreds and has gained so much confidence with talking.  Thank you!


Mountain Region Speech and Hearing Center has been gracious enough to allow the Kingsport Autism Support Group, which is sponsored by the East Tennessee Chapter of the Autism Society of America (www.asaetc.org) to meet in their lobby the 1st Tuesday evening of every month for the past 5 years, for free.  This is where parents, caregivers, siblings and individuals with autism come together to talk, vent, give advice, cry, laugh & share information. It gives us a venue to create a sense of community for families who often feel alone, confused and helpless.  Empowering families with knowledge and showering them with compassion and understanding is a goal we reach monthly in Kingsport thanks to MRSHC.  Families come from as far as Carter County, Hawkins County, Bristol (TN & VA), Johnson City and we even have some from Morristown and Damascus, VA.  Autism resources are very scarce in Northeast TN- so the East Tennessee Chapter of the Autism Society of America is very thankful to MRSHC for helping us help families.


(My Grandson) came into this world with a severe brain injury and I was told he may never talk, walk or communicate with others.  He has been coming to MRSHC since he was in diapers.  Now at 12 years old, he can talk and communicate with others, friends, teachers, and family.  His speech is not perfect but his improvement is surely noteworthy.  I’m truly blessed to have him and MRSHC in our lives.


When we first brought our daughter to MRSHC, we as parents were very frustrated.  We could not communicate with our 2 year old daughter. After just a month we saw improvement.  After 4 months she has made huge strides.  We can finally communicate!  It’s (changed) every aspect of our lives positively.  We could not be more grateful for Courtney and the entire staff at MRSHC. They are amazing!!!

-James and Emily

Miss Rachel has done an amazing job in helping (my son) learn to communicate and to catch up to where he needs to be.  He loves Miss Rachel!  Miss Jessi has done an excellent job with helping to get him eating and not being so picky about what he eats.  We truly are thankful!


Because of MRSHC I can now talk to and understand my son.


My son was struggling to talk and be understood.  Here we are a year later and he can talk in complete sentences.  I’m so thankful for everyone at MRSHC for helping my child find his voice.  From the front desk staff to every therapist working here, they have all been so sweet and helpful in our journey to understand our child.  We are beyond grateful to each and every one of you!  We look forward to what the future holds in our child’s vocabulary.  Thanks for the help MRSHC!


Dallas helped my recall ability and by doing exercises to increase my ability to memorize.  You’ve also given me ideas for how to cope with the stroke at home.  You have a very good supportive staff.

-Current Patient

Mrs. Jessi is amazing.  My daughter has made leaps and bounds in the time we have been coming.  This place has helped my daughter tremendously.  We really appreciate the Mountain Region Speech Center VERY much.  We love them all.


It tremendously helped one child and now another in our family.


MRSHC has helped a grandson that Doctors have said would never talk or talk, but MRSHC has helped him talk and understand things so much better.  His speech has (improved) tremendously.  He talks in sentences and speaks his opinions very well.


Miss Brenda at the front office is so nice and friendly every time we come.  She is wonderful!!  Overall, we really appreciate it and are thankful for MRSHC.


(My Daughter) was 4 years old when she started coming here.  She has went from a very shy girl who wouldn’t talk to anyone and couldn’t be understood!  Two years later she has completely come out of her shell!  She plays with other kids and has become confident in everything now.  No words can thank you enough!


We love MRSHC.  (My Son) has been enrolled in speech therapy for the past year.  Every encounter we have had has been wonderful.  Brenda at the front Sharon in billing and Jessie his therapist have been kind to our family.  The staff are very knowledgeable and so helpful.  Jessie always keeps the activities fun, interesting and at his level to promote learning.  I feel Brenda goes the extra mile too.  She always has a kind word for everyone and she always has treats for holidays too!  I would highly recommend MRSHC to anyone who needs assistance.  It is a great facility that strives to help people overcome issues to be the best he or she can be!


We love MRSHC because they are great people and have always been willing to help us with any bill problems we may have.  Her therapist has helped tremendously with her speech Dynavox device.  Thank you so much.


We have been coming to MRSHC for 5 years.  My daughter was unable to speak by the age of two.  The pediatrician referred us to MRSHC and we were able to get a diagnosis of verbal apraxia.  The therapists have been wonderful with helping her to reach many milestones.  We have always had a great experience with MRSHC and are very thankful for all they have done to help my daughter.


When (my daughter) first started going to MRSHC it was specifically for feeding therapy.  She was having trouble with her swallow reflex and was aspirating her food.  On top of that she had very little means of communication.  Over time and with help from therapy, she has greatly improved with her feeding but what is most notable for our family is her great improvement with communication!  She is beginning to vocalize some but she is more greatly beginning to use forms of nonverbal communication.  She also has begun using a Tobii Dynavox eye gaze communication device that MRSHC  has been so gracious to let her utilize.  Her therapist is caring and compassionate.  She is also very patient and looks out for (my daughter’s) needs.  I know that with MRSHC’s help we will continue to see great strides in communication.  Although (this) syndrome is a very difficult diagnosis to deal successfully with communication wise, we are hopeful for (her) future.


We are so thankful for Ms. Rebecca!  My Grandson in such a short time has learned so much!  He can sign for thank you, all done, more and several more.  He is a lot more interactive with people!  Rebecca shows how much she really cares!  We are so very grateful to her and all the staff!