See What Our Employees Say About Us

MRSHC is truly a patient-centered organization.  They go above and beyond to ensure their therapists and staff have everything we need to provide quality and effective treatment for their patients.  I loved working at MRSHC!


There are so many things I like about working at MRSHC.  To name just a few, the small staff that works well together, collaboration with other speech therapists, support from the office staff and the Board, the diversity of the clients I work with, the opportunities for continuing education, and the beautiful building and space.


I like working at MRSHC because of all the support we get from each other.  Working in a setting as the only SLP can be intimidating at times.  I have loved being able to take a question or problem to my fellow SLP’s for advice.  It’s also really nice to be able to tell them the good things too!


Supportive and encouraging team; wide range of experience and skills in our team; schedule flexibility; reimbursement for ASHA/license, etc.; variety of therapy materials and assessments, wonderful patients!


MRSHC has such a unique team of passionate people, I have felt right at home since day one.  We keep a positive work environment which makes me really enjoy all of my co-workers.  I’ve always felt comfortable speaking up and reaching out to other staff members as needed because everyone has been so supportive.  The shared materials/toys are a lifesaver; giving me novel input for my little ones to keep them engaged.