See What Our Patients Say About Us

My daughter has attended MRSH for speech services since she was two. We have always had a wonderful experience there, from the front office staff to the therapists. However, it wasn’t until Ms. Jessi became her therapist that things significantly changed for my daughter and our family. Ms. Jessi was able to discover the source of my daughter’s speech issues as an actual hearing issue. She encouraged us to seek further hearing tests and my daughter ended up receiving hearing aids which has drastically improved her quality of life. Without the support of Ms. Jessi, my daughter would certainly not be at the level she is today. We will never be able to repay MRSH and, especially Ms. Jessi, for the care and services we received.


Our pediatrician referred our twins to MRSHC for speech therapy.  From the first time I spoke with the front office on the phone, I was at ease about coming in for an evaluation.  We are so thankful that Ms. Rachel has openings for both of our boys.  She has the best personality and has truly been a huge part of our family’s life over the last few months.  Our boys both love coming in each week to see her.  We are starting to see real progress with their speech and can see both their hard work and Ms. Rachel’s paying off.  We love MRSHC!


(Dr. Brady) provided me with hearing aids.  My life has been much improved!  I am a non-traditional student and now I can hear the professors!  I now have a 3.44 grade point average, I am blessed!


We have a three year old named Abraham. We call him “Abe”. Abe is an outgoing, kind, and sweet boy who loves to make new friends and be social. As parents we noticed him falling behind other kids his age in his speech. As he would try to play with others he would get frustrated as to why they couldn’t understand him. This made us so sad to see Abe not able to communicate in a way he would have liked. He had trouble pronouncing words correctly and no sentences were coming together.

In May of this year we decided to put him in Speech to see if it would help. In just the five months of doing speech we have seen such a difference in him! Abe can now say so many words, phrases, and even sentences correctly! Not only has speech helped his communication verbally, it also has helped his confidence in meeting new friends and talking with them!

Speech with a three year old, especially over zoom, can be tricky. But Jessi, Abe’s therapist, has always been so kind and patient. She is so encouraging! Abe now gets so excited to talk and play with her. As parents we couldn’t be more grateful for Mountain Region Speech and Hearing that has been able to help our boy get where he needs to be! Seeing him smile confidently while meeting new friends means the world to us.

Chris and Emily

My son was struggling to talk and be understood.  Here we are a year later and he can talk in complete sentences.  I’m so thankful for everyone at MRSHC for helping my child find his voice.  From the front desk staff to every therapist working here, they have all been so sweet and helpful in our journey to understand our child.  We are beyond grateful to each and every one of you!  We look forward to what the future holds in our child’s vocabulary.  Thanks for the help MRSHC!


MRSHC has helped a grandson that Doctors have said would never talk or talk, but MRSHC has helped him talk and understand things so much better.  His speech has (improved) tremendously.  He talks in sentences and speaks his opinions very well.


When (my daughter) first started going to MRSHC it was specifically for feeding therapy.  She was having trouble with her swallow reflex and was aspirating her food.  On top of that she had very little means of communication.  Over time and with help from therapy, she has greatly improved with her feeding but what is most notable for our family is her great improvement with communication!  She is beginning to vocalize some but she is more greatly beginning to use forms of nonverbal communication.  She also has begun using a Tobii Dynavox eye gaze communication device that MRSHC  has been so gracious to let her utilize.  Her therapist is caring and compassionate.  She is also very patient and looks out for (my daughter’s) needs.  I know that with MRSHC’s help we will continue to see great strides in communication.  Although (this) syndrome is a very difficult diagnosis to deal successfully with communication wise, we are hopeful for (her) future.